Give me 3 Words

The first English language book of Dan K. Sigurd's poetry and prose: 

Of course you can also get all of Dan's books on Amazon: 

The second German-language book by Dan K. Sigurd was published by the Berlin-based publisher Periplaneta in August 2023: 

The German version of GIVE ME 3 WORDS with translated prose texts and different German poems was published by Periplaneta in March 2022: 

Booktour 2024:

2nd of July at 8 pm in the Sin e - Ormond Quay Upper l5, YK6A Dublin

4th of July at at 8 pm in the Bernard Shaw - Cross Guns Bridge, XW44 Dublin

8th of July at 8 pm in the International Bar - Wicklow Street 23, VH59 Dublin


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